Who Are We

~ She likes to look for a little of her own freedom and uniqueness in the clothes she wears ~ Abbey Road Vintage is an online clothing and jewellery shop featuring already loved eclectic pieces from the past, each item different from the next, special and unique in its own way. Created for those who crave adventure and love to dream; those who dress outside the box, take delight in foraging for treasures, appreciate a little bit of Bohemia and harbour a fascination and love for things of yesteryear.

The Story

Abbey Road Vintage was created by Belle Strahorn who's love for dreamy vintage threads started young. She spent much of her childhood fossicking through closets, largely her mum's, who had a humdinger of a style going on in the 70’s....


Belle can still remember the day she found a ripper pair of cowboy boots from 1972 squashed into the wardrobe corner collecting copious amounts of dust and the selection of silk scarves which looked like they’d fallen straight from Woodstock. As a child, she treasured the delightful stories her parents told of un-troubled childhoods and fanciful travels around the world; from safari's in Africa to school time antics and funny anecdotes of how they met. These memories helped shape Belle's love of all things vintage.

You see, it’s the thrill of the hunt, the promise of uncovering a prized piece, the story behind a vintage garment, the preservation of something historical and the opportunity to escape to another moment in time that Abbey Road Vintage hopes to share with its followers.

Where Every Thread Tells a Tale

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