June 13, 2017

You're lounging in your active wear and 'I'd rather be sleeping' t-shirt, devouring a bag of Smith's and begin to open the mail. You choke when you stumble across the high school reunion letter, a mere three months away today. How on earth will you shake that extra 10 kilos? You won't, so you start on that second bag of chips before they go stale. And you die inside because your 'Most Promising Student' label somehow morphed into 'Most Likely to Wear PJs to the Supermarket'.
Ah the joy of high school reunions. It's an inescapable part of growing up yet the prospect of attending sends so many of us into a spin. Even if you loathed school, you surely don’t want to miss the renewed camaraderie with those bum-fluff covered kids you were afraid of at school. 
'Check out Mr Wallace,' someone sneers pointing to the old man loitering by the food table. 'He taught my mum in 62. Looks like he's still breathing.' 'Miss Jones still reeks of Mum deodorant and did you see Paula's hairpiece?' A communal gasp of disapproval comes from the group. 'Looks like a Quokka crawled in and carked it,' someone squealed. And we're all instantly back in high school again.
If you’re on the fence about attending your reunion, here are five reasons to go:
To Satisfy Your Curiosity – If you’ve wondered what people have done with their lives or where they've ended up, now's your chance to find out. The grunge's, the footy heads, the floaters, cool kids, nerd burgers, the drama kids;  it’s interesting to see what became of them.
To Remember – Some suffer through high school, some relish in the experience. Looking back and sharing a few laughs with the people that were by your side can be gratifying.
To Reconnect - I've lost touch with a few of my old pals, some of whom I was able to see and bond with again. And hey, a word of advice for those who are single, don't look for love with long-lost schoolmates. Buy a cheesy romance novel instead.
To Reconsider-  You know, people change. You have haven't you? Some people might have some enlightening things to say to you or you just might find you've grown up.
To Get Out Again- Your tracky dacks and Netflix aren't going anywhere. As we grow old we seem to get a little more reclusive, this is a good reason to break routine and do something different. 
So, fret not over waistlines, hairlines or job titles, because no one cares. I've made it to a couple of reunions over the years and unlike the awkwardness of school, they were very enjoyable times. I guess in some fashion, we've all helped shape each other into who we are today.